Why choose our Nursery?

Our Nursery was originally created by Niall and Laura Brennan as they searched for a Nursery for their young daughter. They decided that they would create their very own Nursery for her which would provide the very best facilities, a beautiful learning environment, a strong child-centered British curriculum and be staffed by the best Early Years Practitioners around.

The result is a wonderful Nursery where our children happily spend their days learning through their play and interactions. In our eyes it really is the best Nursery in Doha.

Our Values and Aims

Our values are kindness, respect, love, fun and independence.

Our Curriculum

Our Facilities

Progression to school

Our Aims

  • Are to provide the safety and security of each child
  • A high quality UK curriculum
  • A learning environment in which each child is treated as an individual with dignity and respect
  • High levels of care for each child
  • A healthy eating expectation
  • Daily physical activity
  • Positive behaviour management

Our Nursery nurtures your child’s:

  • Holistic development in all areas of EYFS
  • Love of learning through play
  • Natural curiosity for exploring the world around them
  • Ability to build relationships
  • Literacy and mathematics skills
  • Communication and language skills
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Understanding of the world
  • Creative and expressive skills

Our Classrooms

Zippy Zebras

This class is for our 2 year olds who are turning 3 this academic year.

Terrific Tiger

This class is for our 2 year olds who are turning 3 this academic year

Gentle Giraffes

This class offers a preschool curriculum for children who are turning 4 in the summer of this academic year.

Panda Cubs

This class caters for children who are one and walking.

Bear Cubs

This is our baby room for any babies who are not yet walking steadily.

Lion Cubs

This class is for our oldest children in the cubs Corner, and they will be turning 2 this academic year.

The Little Lions Team

Our Team of experienced and qualified Class Leaders and Assistants is led by our Early Years Specialized, British, Manager. Our ladies are all extremely warm and caring individuals with an absolute passion for facilitating young children’s learning.

Staffing levels at Little Lions Nursery exceed the expectations laid down by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and are in line with the British EYFS Curriculum regulations.

Our staff team includes a fully qualified, full time, onsite Nurse. Our visiting Doctor who comes once a month to check on the children’s health and development, is from The International Medial Centre.

We strive to provide continual support and training to our staff through individual training and termly appraisals. We seek individuals to join our team who have a compassionate approach and understand the importance of following each child’s needs. We are always looking for new members of our team, so if you are passionate about working with young children and qualified and experienced in Early Years, please get in touch.